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Thread: The 2017 Election Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viking01 View Post

    Not all the drugs analysed for and found were illegal drugs. Some will have been
    prescription drugs, given for legitimate medical conditions.

    The report included in the article lists a number of the most typical drugs found
    (often having a sedative effect). Not everyone reads the accompanying advisory
    notes handed out by pharmacists when collecting their prescription (e.g. do not
    operate heavy machinery ; do not consume in combination with alcohol). Or is
    necessarily aware of the impact upon their body.
    So thats alright then we dont need testing. Either learn to read or dont take drugs and drive!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Katman
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    The timing of the statement about ANZ is intriguing, as it comes the day submissions close on the Reserve Bank's proposals.

    "As part of its current capital review, the Reserve Bank is reviewing its capital framework for banks," the Reserve Bank said in its statement on ANZ.
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    Ardern has now reached 51 percent, reaching her highest ever rating as preferred Prime Minister.

    She had leapt seven percentage points since her last polling in February.
    The poll, conducted by One News and Colmar Brunton, shows Simon Bridges has dropped down to five percent.
    which is the lowest he has ever polled during his time as National Party Leader.

    To put that into perspective Nationals leader is rated 46% lower as preferred PM.
    Or only 12.5% of national voters would prefer to have Simon bridges as PM
    where as it seems 12.75% of National voters would prefer to have Jacinda Arden as prime minister.

    This is National worst result in over a decade
    It also showed Labour up three percentage points to 48 percent and National down two to 40 per cent.
    The Greens were steady at six percent, while NZ First climbed up to four percent, still below the threshold.
    The result would give Labour 60 seats and the Greens eight.

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