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Thread: Winter weekend with Distinction 26th/27th August with FBMC

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    Winter weekend with Distinction 26th/27th August with FBMC

    Righto winter is near done, and the FBMC haven’t had an overnight run….. so 26th/27th it is, Its off to the winter-less north

    This is an open ride, anyone can attend, Body size is not relevant, Just turn up with Fattitude (A big easy going attitude)

    Bombay Caltex start, regroup Massey Z before heading up to a lunch break at Port Albert then Back to the mighty Distinction for the night
    Sunday return via Mangawhai (maybe a stop at Bennett's chocolates if time permits?) then back to Puhoi for a leg stretch & food....Then home

    Murray can be contacted for bookings for accommodation at the Whangarei Distinction Hotel via Email or text 021 719 182, mention FBMC to get his best price

    If you intend to ride let me know via Text so I have an idea on numbers for the lunch stop ��
    David 027 235 2225

    Meet times

    Caltex Bombay mill road 9:45 roll out at 10am 26th August

    Massey Z station Fred Taylor drive 10:45 roll out 11ish…depending on traffic delays getting there. Refuel for those that want to, total K's for the day is around 250 so some wont need to but its nice to have some spare....just in case we go on an unplanned adventure on new exciting roads (I get lost)

    Port Albert store 12:30 or when we get there, depart when we feel like it

    Any questions please ask, if I have stuffed something up, point it out as I was tired when I wrote this

    Lets get out there and Eat The Road

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    9th March 2013 - 06:44
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    anyone else tagging along?

    This weekend is looking OK weather wise.... as long as we don't fart around to much Sunday...turning to shit in the evening

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    I will leave the adding of Pictures to those who can, I suc at putting pics up.
    But heres the ride report for this bloody great event held over this weekend.
    Weather was good on Saturday, traffic wsn't bad at all, all riders travelled well and no problems were encountered.
    Port where? Oh Arthur, NO! Port Albert. Silly, clean out yer buccaner ears.
    Ride leader wanted us to go this way, 14+ K's of GRAVEL, ah, Yeah Na! Quick GPS Consult, there it is, a bit further up the main drag, a sealed road, got to the Port Arthur GENERAL STORE just in time for lunch.
    Couple of youths with their own motorbikes, OK a quad racer and a pocket bike, parked up with us and enjoyed a bit of looking at the quite eclectic mix of motorcycles they'd stumbled upon.
    A PINK ( I kid you knot) Harley, beautiful and ridden with quiet confidence by a lovely lass.
    An older but still very capable Nonda 400cc V Twin ridden by a just as capable new to riding learner with some good skills.
    A Good old Boys twin headlight ThunderBird Trumpy, COMMANDER 2 up with a couple of the FBMC's longest serving and almost certainly our most rides attended team, always a pleasure you two and was funn catching up again.
    A Temporary hanger on, who accompanied us most of the way Norf! on another very nicely presented and somewhat more reliable than most Hardly, sorry Tash we had to kick him really hard to get him to Go Home! Hope he got there in time to cook your dinner.
    A very rare and still getting better by the ride F6 Nonda V6 Valkyre, Davey boy, she really is a credit to you, always comforting seeing the ol girl out front.
    A couple of quite Ordinary Suzies, one a futuristic cruiser facisimile, the other just a bandy ol Bandit, we picked up one or two other riders here and there and generally had a very cool and happily dry ascent on the uphill ride to the winterless north!
    Our evening was enjoyed FINALLY , once the rugby ws setled, at the Jovial Judge in Whangareis town centre, Na really none of us could have cared less about the gme, we were too busy catching up and enjoying the great food and atmosphere of the Judges place.
    BELIEVE that and your definitely away wiv da ferries!. Proceedings did take a turn for the better once we'd sorted out those Pesky Ozzies and it'was I think just beifre closing time that we all wandered out of the establishment and walked ( It;'s true yer Honour, we did) back to the Distinction.
    Once again Murray and Trina did us all proud and the evening continued apace, most stopped in the house bar for a while and continued to catch up and yak till well past midnight, OK< well it flet like Mid night.
    This morning turned out to be threatening wind and rain, so a visit to the lock up didn't eventuate, Murray bring her down lets, check it out, stopping here for a night or 2 and that'll give us time to get bits if required.
    Roads were generally dry, though where it had rained ahed of us it HAD RAINED, we got home in good time and along the way managed to assist a bloke on his Harley who'd lost some Clutch action I believe and just needed a push for his Hardly to get her going again without too much ado, hardly surprising really.
    Stopped at that Iconic refreshement place called the PUHOI, for a locally made and on tap Brew, called Puhoi Bomainia I believe, it tasted very good that much was for sure.
    Through the ( Tht reminds me, pay THE TOLL) Tunnel and on into infinity (read Auckland) to stay that one crucial step ahead of the weather.,
    Got home unpacked and had a long nap on the lazy boy I did, hope everyone else enjoyed thier weekend away as much as I did, was a blast to see everyone and to catch up on the happenings about the place.
    Looking forward to the Pie an a Pint run to that venerable destination VIANDS in mid to late OCTOBER, I say that, cause I wont be here in early Oct, BATHURST calling, you see.
    So FBérs, those who came along, enjoyed theyselves lots, pity the rest of you couldn't come, but rest assured we made up for your absence in spirit and our ever enduring sense of fun.
    Very relaxed rides there and back, just one or two idiots in way too fast a car for them to contend with,, and we did, but otherwise an awesome away event and one which needs to happen again.
    Winters nearly over, roads are staying dry for longer, bikes were out in force this weekend, I think they all believe it's time to ride, so come on FBérs lets get behind the next couple of rides, VIANDS is the next one and I'd like to propose another Turangi camp ground destination, perhps over the nearest long weekend ( 2 nights there), with a proper organised bus trip to the local OHAKUNE hot pools for lunch ( BBQ sort) an a s dip for the STW's contingent, (Save The Whales, harpoon a fat chick/bloke group, that's us sillies!)
    Well signing off now.
    Thanks to Leathel for a great ride, organising who where and when, to Murray and Trina for being the best of hosts and looking out for the FBMC's accomodations needs and comforts, awesome as always, Brekkiie was amazing and included in our rate, our gracious hosts should take a bow.
    To those who made it to the first FBMC ride for quite sometime, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as Ratbag and I did and do tell the others what they missed out on.
    See you lot at Viands ride in Mid - late October.

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    A few pics from the trip up to see Murray

    SH16 lookout

    The little store with what must be close to the best fish & chips in NZ

    And it started to rain, Ohh look a spot to stop out of the weather

    The parking spot at the Distinction

    Some pics from my evening & morning wander

    The first time I have had to give away to a yacht

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