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    NZPCRA was set up in 1995, by an amazing and inspiring group of people. I would like to acknowledge them and all the people who followed to help on the committee. Over the years the club has had some absolutely superior racing and spectacular race meetings.
    Unfortunately as the years have moved on people's lives and priorities change and with this the club's committee have found themselves becoming thin and many burning out. Because yes race meetings don't just happen by themselves and require many hours of work.
    Thank you for all the support that each and every one of you have given.
    With this it's unfortunate that we announce we as a club cannot continue and will be merging with another club. As of the SGM held last Sunday it has been agreed to merge with the NZCMRR and form a new association to move forward and take Historic Racing to a new level. These decisions have not been made lightly.

    We had hoped to continue with one last meeting in October but that has changed some what. The October Labour weekend meeting will be a one day event hosted by AMCC with all Post Classic Classes catered for , support those who are supporting us.
    Thank you again for all the support that has been given.
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    ...times do change for all of us...I can relate to the burnout bit and sometimes hanging onto an idea is bloody difficult when all around, the world is changing...a few years back I couldn't imagine the Register even entertaining thoughts of including 'modern PC's, but I do remember the upheaval we had just trying to get Pre '82 as a class with caused lots of angst and toys being thrown about the we are inundated with Pre '89 and even more modern stuff...the march of time...onward and upwards...

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