best bike stand i have had the pleasure of using, and I have used plenty when I was mechanicing. Reversible for both bobbins/spools and flat bottom swing arms, this is one of the few bike stands that i was happy to use with out a helper. retractable handle slides under the rear tyre of most bikes when they are on the stand so there is no handle sticking out to trip on.

text below stolen from the trackside web site

The Trackside Rear Paddock Stand is capable of lifting both spools and flat bottom sided swing arms. It is constructed of heavy duty 38mm steel tubing with a tough powder coated finish. The dual wheels makes the lifting action smoother than ever while the retractable handle makes it easier to store. Whether you are making repairs or just doing some general maintenance to your motorcycle a rear stand makes life a bit easier.


Heavy-duty 38mm steel tub construction
Durable powder coat finish
Dual wheel casters on each support leg provide total stability
Multi-fit support arms compatible with spool and flat swing arms
Retractable handle

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