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Cost something like $250 to fix, pressure system to find leak, drain, pull a quarter of the shit off the engine to get to offending part, replace, refit, refill, pressure test ...

Mechanic said it has at least another dozen of the same connections through the cooling system ...
There's your mistake, if you want to own an old euro or even a ducati you need to be willing to buy parts from ebay and put the time in yourself if you don't want to be arse raped by mechanics, otherwise buy something <10 years old with <150k on the clock.

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That was at the arse end of the extended aftermarket warranty and that warranty had been over used in the three years we had the car so we flicked it off for a Suzuki
You do realise you'd probably fixed all of the things that were going to go wrong with it, and the next owner will have a dream run....and hope to god not a suzuki swift, most inaptly named car in the history of the world.

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NoelH - I got the thermostat (complete) off Stein Dinse, two weeks delivered ex Germany. They have a flat rate of EU 40 delivered to NZ / AUS so it's worth lining a few spares up for each order.

Have a look at https://www.stein-dinse.biz/eliste/i...?sid=ggg&lg=en

The exploded parts diagrams can be very handy plus also they have photos of the parts which can be very useful.
That is a spectacularly useful link.