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Thread: So a Powercycle is now a motorcycle for accident stats

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    A large part of the problem is the way CAS data is gathered. A lot of it comes from Police Traffic Crash Reports, filled in by people who don't bother checking the accuracy of the data they are gathering.

    TCRs have several purposes. They inform insurance companies, they generate information through CAS, they are a court document in the case of prosecution, they are disclosed as Official Information as required. A lot of which leads to inaccuracy.

    In particular, a lot of data gatherers don't know the difference between a cycle, a power assisted pedal cycle, a moped, and a motorcycle.

    The other issue is that the data gatherer often has 10 other jobs to do, so jjust fills in what has to be done to get it past his/her supervisor, so they can go and do the other 10 jobs. Haste diminishes accuracy.

    Just sayin. Garbage in equals garbage out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheshirecat View Post
    Especially when you're good at it.
    not to diss, bro.

    you do you.
    Maybe they'll giver you another 4 parking spaces next election-brIbe then you'll have 8!!!!11011!!

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    At age 16 ( now 84 ) growing up in England, I exchanged my school bike rear wheel for one containing a 25cc 2-stroke petrol engine built into it. ( A Cyclemaster) This then legally turned my bike into a motor-bike, and I had to pay to register it as such, attach license plates, and - Shock! Horror! - undergo a full motor cycle road test. ( no written theory exams in UK in those days ).

    The Examiner indicated a route to follow in the town centre, which he could observe from his standpoint, and note my actions and hand signals at junctions, Halt signs, a pedestrian crossing etc. Returning to my starting point he then leapt into the road with hand outstretched and yelled HALT ! My bike only had the original bike brakes of course, but I managed to avoid hitting him and he gave me a licence. I have never undergone another motorcycle licence test in any of the various International jurisdictions that I have had the pleasure of visiting and finding a motor bike to ride, and never will now.

    Having gained my licence on a modified push bike that day 68 years ago, I could then have gone out and bought a 1,000 cc Vincent Black Shadow of the era - 'cept I didn't have the money, tho' I did ultimately upgrade the bike to a 125cc Beeza Bantam ! My current steed is kaput awaiting the sourcing of a replacement starter motor - see other thread, and Summer is acumin in. Murphy is always with us.

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