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Thread: Are you getting the most out of your motorcycle?

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    Are you getting the most out of your motorcycle?

    Ran into this by accident. Motorcycle logging:

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    Smitty good to see you back. That truck on the bridge reminded me of the old Whites bridge on the west side of Arthurs pass here in the south Island it was a steep downhill 90 degree corner leading to a one lane bridge
    If you wanted to get a transporter over it you had to lay out a couple of hardwood sleepers to get the wheels on the transporter trailer to slew around so you could cross the onelane bridge.
    The hardwood sleepers were kept tucked into the bridge for this purpose. you used to stop and pull them into place.
    Bear in mind this is a state highway in a first world country.
    It was realigned in 2014
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the only pic I can find.

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