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Thread: RC30 What does this mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kickaha View Post
    I was thinking more Café racer, Scrambler and Pre 82
    Be a good way of getting rid of your GN tanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kickaha View Post

    One of them is your brothers old bike

    which i brought originally, the lady who sold it on behalf of her out of town daughter even tracked me down through my mum when she'd found a pack and some new spark plugs for it. inside wasa receopit for work done about the same price as i paid for it. i remember her saying there's a problem with the starter motor, i said what was it, 'it's the thing they use to start motorbikes now. problem was the button on the switchblock was broken, no other damage, got just the button from a smashed unit locally and the bike went like a dream. brought a mint fairing at a swapmeet less blade for $2, on the way out to the car a guy was missing one for his so sold it to him for a wee bit more, he offered me a price not the other way around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kickaha View Post

    Any brown material for a seat ?
    I could cut up some of my undies.
    6 grand for 2 grands worth of fun. - F5 Dave

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