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In Auckland, the way it often works for me, is if I have a red light ahead, I filter my way to the front of the queue carefully. When I get to the front, I find that the front car has usually stopped halfway over the top of the green ASB, so I move a little bit in front of that car, so I'm visible to them, which means I'm normally by then halfway over the front of the ASB too. If I'm riding and the light turns orange meaning I'm first to stop for the red, I'll stop just behind the ASB. I don't enter the ASB unless I have no safer option because of where cars at the front of the red light have stopped. If I filter to the front and front car is one of those drivers who stops a whole car length behind the line, I'll stop between them and the ASB.

I probably find a cyclist waiting in a green ASB about 1 in 1000 times. In fact, I can't think of a single time I've ever seen a cyclist waiting in one of those ASB's in the parts of Auckland I frequent.
Same here on bike and pedlie, if you do see lycrist in the ASB it might be me. Say hi !