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So Spark offered a deal to double our broadband with a little reduction in cost if we switched the house to a new modem and dumped the copper connection and landline. Wife's been nagging for years to dump the landline. Only my Mum and those helpful IT Repair people in Bombay that alert me to my PC problems I wasn't even aware of ring. And pesty charities and telesales pricks.
So the free Huwai 4G modem arrived this week. Only been 3 days but certainly not slower. Changeover was a breeze.
Always found Spark service to be excellent. Wouldn't risk changing. Better the devil you know as they say.
exactly the same here with landline retained via the wireless thingy.Strangely enough i ave exactly the same list of callers,but i also have the pleasure of endless requests for free no obligation real estate appraisals