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Thread: Suzuki VL250 bogging down

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    Suzuki VL250 bogging down

    I have this VL250 that has started to hesitate firing up. I cleaned up the carb (used carb cleaner and contact cleaner - didn't really have compressed air), and now it does start on choke, keeps running if given throttle, but after couple of minutes I hear the RPM fluctuating up and down. After like 8-10 min., if I give throttle, it revs up but upon releasing the gas it bogs down stalls. Then it becomes hard to start, even with the choke on.

    Also, i have noticed at times it has less power when I give it the gas, other times its normal.

    Any tips on what could be the issues? I live in Albany Auckland, and would be really cool of some member close by has the experience and can help me out.

    I considered taking to a mechanic, but the towing cost is 100 dollars one way, diagnosis cost is freaking 200 just to start with. Thus hoping for some help from the members here.


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    Check the air box is not blocked with a birds nest or something weird. Shit happens sometimes.

    Could be a blocked fuel cap vent - crack open the cap a bit and try the bike (take suitable precaution allowing for the potential for fuel to slop out) if it runs fine with the cap slightly open then the breather vent is blocked and needs cleaning out.

    Have you done anything to the bike before this problem?

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