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Thread: KTM 450 EXC or KLX 450R As an Adventure Bike

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    12th April 2006 - 18:44
    DR400 best of both worlds I think. Heaps of aftermarket parts for it on ebay. Minimal maintenance etc. and fairly light. I have a KTM530, in the process of getting it on the road, but it won't be as good as the DR (in terms of road-friendly-ness). Will need higher gearing, a bigger tank, etc. etc. which all costs $$$. And lotsa maintenance. But should be cool when done :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobjac View Post
    have converted my 2008 klx 450 to adv bike It now has 16lt tank . concept seat. polisport led headlight., indicators, 42 15 sprockets recluse clutch i use a garmin gps as a speedo Last month rode from auckland to the sth island and back nearly 3000km along with a friend on a 690 ktm the klx had no problems keeping up both in acceleration and top speed. the recluse smoothens out the the drive train and the tank gives a 400km range averaging 25km/lt
    i also have a KLX 650 B1 [rare] which is road legal . the 450 has done well over 300 hrs and other than doing the shims at 220 hrs has given no problems . i notice that one of the cape york [australia] tour groups are now using them so i dont think relability is a problem[IMG]20190309 1[/IMG]
    What was the process for getting the KLX450R on the road here? I have a bike in mind but it's apparently not ADR compliant.

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    I have a road legal 2007 450 EXC and it is great for this with one exception.....

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