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Thread: Givi Easy-T EA106B 6 litre tank bag

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    Givi Easy-T EA106B 6 litre tank bag

    Met a bloke called Shane at the Vincent Rally that had one of these. Asked if I could throw it on my bike's tank and see if the magnetic flaps fit. They did so I ordered one. Good bloke Shane.

    I paid $89 plus shipping from Motozone who were excellent. Would trade again.

    My tank bag was different to Shane's but not by much. Will need some straps and crap cut off it to suit me. Maybe Shane had already done that. He didn't say. Seemed like a deep thinking type.

    I wanted a little tank bag for touring for the wallet, sunnies, phone, sunscreen and all that junk. I currently use a Cordura handle bar tool roll bag but it is too small. This will fit the bill, plus it fits on the tank of an old bike. Come with special tank straps for those with no steel in their tank. They are fiddly and fussy and if I had a non-steel tank I wouldn't be buying this bag.

    Pros: Fits the tank, comes with a waterproof shower cap. Is the size I need for a weekend rally and is removable easily when I leave the bike to go and get a pie. Priced okay for what it is. Big pocket is a good sensible shape and size.

    Cons: The clear plastic top bit for phones and maps is tiny. It's tapered wider at the base than the top, but the opening at the top is only about 125mm wide. When you slide anything in there it gets lost down the bottom at the wide bit and you can't get your fingers in the narrow bit to fish it out. Would take a 5 inch phone. Anything bigger like a small tablet is off limits. Don't plan on stuffing a 1:50,000 topographical map in there. You wouldn't get enough map showing to get into top gear.

    It's fussy. Those extra straps at the handlebar end look ugly and I'll be cutting mine off. Supposed to go around the headstock for safety in case the magnets let go. I can't see them letting go, although there are only two, therefore the bag is speed rated for 120km/h. If the bag flies off then you're speeding.

    There's another carry handle on the top for when you need to take your man bag shopping ( without the bike. ). Also useless in my opinion and will probably flap around in the wind.

    The little pocket is only big enough to hold the waterproof shower cap, and maybe the house keys, chewing gum, and a small credit card wallet. Incidentally Givi warn against carrying credit cards in the bag in case the magnets stuff them up. If you're old school and still carry a fat wallet full of notes then it will fit. Personally I ride with my wallet in my jacket pocket in case they find my body before they find my bike. Same with phone. If I'm thrown off I can call someone.

    The big pocket underneath is a useful size. See pic. That's a 12" adjustable spanner. Full marks for length and girth. You'd get a pair of shorts, T shirt, jandals and jocks in there. No worries.

    Long story short; It's Givi, it's European and they probably use their gear and bikes a bit differently to us down here. Ideal for a trip to the coffee shop on the Duc, or a squirt around the alps on a Sunday afternoon with the girlfriend. Okay for daily commuting here but not big enough to keep your wet weather gear in.

    Pics as promised....
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    Or get one of these:

    Connects via a ring on the tank filler. Semi-rigid. Holds my DSLR camera. I turned it around so it fits and looks better.

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