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Thread: What to do with a CBR1000RR in Wellington?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temporary-Kiwi View Post
    one day while we were fanging around, some riders (cyclists) arrived and were watching us .
    i remember being six years old once and writing in my school journal too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigertim20 View Post
    If this isnt a pisstake, youve been severely mis-informed.
    Yes, I do enjoy exaggerating slightly for dramatic effect.
    I would get at least a 125cc

    But seriously, what part was I misinformed about?

    A NZ friend of mine said "don't bring that bike to NZ, you'll get deported."
    (a piece of my heart got deported when I heard that)

    So yeah. A rather dramatic piece of (serious) advice that I received.

    Not that I'm a speedster. I've never exceeded the speed limit intentionally. But these machines can do it quite quickly, then you're like britney spears "Oops, I did it again"

    Quote Originally Posted by sidecar bob View Post
    Maybe do some research on our speed limits & come back to us.
    I drove around Wellington, Auckland and the north half of the South Island. I saw the signs with my own eyes.
    If I said something that's not correct, please enlighten me?

    Quote Originally Posted by AllanB View Post
    We have speed limits?
    Superbike, supercar pop down ya money and off ya go.
    Is this just a fantasy joke that you wish was true? What are you actually saying?

    Quote Originally Posted by Temporary-Kiwi View Post
    but a radar detector , ride backroads
    No laser?? Oldschool...

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    Speed limit in town is 50kph, although some town centres are 30kph and that's usually plenty fast enough where it applies. Once you leave town the limit is mostly 100kph, although there is a current fad for an 80kph limit in some places. Additional taxation may accrue if you ignore these, but many do. Time and place etc...
    There is a grey blur, and a green blur. I try to stay on the grey one. - Joey Dunlop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post

    No laser?? Oldschool...
    Wrong. NZ Highway Patrol on the move and camera vans use microwave radar. Laser jammers don't work on them. Hand held lasers are a bit less common in terms of use by the police over here. As an aside, I recently saw that a UK motorist got absolutely hammered for using a radar jammer as the judiciary charged him with perverting the course of justice.

    I didn't bother to re-fit my detector and screamer when I bought the current bike 3 years ago and it's just sitting in the shed. As Pritch says......... "time and place"

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