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Thread: Another F'ing Speeding Ticket.

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    which part of "equal mass" wasn't obvious?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakie View Post
    I remember watching this one on 'Mythbusters'. Two similar vehicles going at the same speed and hitting head on. They expected they damage would be that same as a vehicle hitting a wall with the combined speeds of the two vehicles ... but no! The miniature mock up suggested no and the full size confirmed it. Two similar vehicles hitting head on at a particular speed only creates the same damage as one vehicle driving into a wall at the same speed. Something to do with both vehicles crumpling.
    Nope, more to do with the fact that if you have two vehicles of similar mass collide head on at 100km/h the total impact is a combined 200km/h. Split that between two vehicles and it's a split of 100km/h each (in ideal situations). Nothing to do with crumple zones etc. It can't be 200km/h of force each (yes I know f= m x a but I'm simplifying things here) because that would mean a combined speed of 400km/h.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OddDuck View Post
    Let's look at everything else that gets people hurt on the roads, shall we?

    - loose stock
    - fuel / oil spills
    - pea gravel on patch repairs
    - bad roads
    - cellphones
    - medical events behind the wheel or the bars
    - discourtesy
    - impatience
    - distraction
    - people who drive slow and pull over never
    - fatigue
    - drugs
    - booze
    - idiot tourists
    - idiot locals
    - entitlement: I have a right to drive attitude
    - failure to wear a seatbelt (driving) or proper gear (riding)

    It's not as simple as just speed.
    Out of ALL that ... only four feature in legislation forbidding it on the roads of New Zealand.
    Sweat wipes off. Road-rash doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FJRider View Post
    Out of ALL that ... only four feature in legislation forbidding it on the roads of New Zealand.
    Shows how much you know, I can place at-least 9 of those with legislation possibly 11
    Science Is But An Organized System Of Ignorance
    "Pornography: The thing with billions of views that nobody watches" - WhiteManBehindADesk

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    Quote Originally Posted by russd7 View Post
    meh, we are all just temporary kiwis anyway,

    bet that tax collector parked just over the Oreti bridge on the road out to the burt rally site made a killing, damned near got me.
    I was glad to be taking it easy when I saw him!
    Luckily I never speed because it is illegal and therefore wrong!
    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessBandit View Post
    I realised that having 105kg of man sliding into my rear was a tad uncomfortable
    "If the cops didn't see it, I didn't do it!"
    - George Carlin (RIP)

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    The speed thing is interesting.

    Pretty much hit anything dead on at over about 65 and it's a coin toss. Hit anything dead on between 30 and 60 and you're gonna get badly hurt.

    Whether you're doing 100 or 115 is pretty much irrelevant. If you hit something you are absolutely dead. Having said that I am yet to see evidence that proves a link between exceeding the limit by less than 20% and increased crashes. The only argument is that kinetic energy causes damage to humans at an exponential rate.

    I have personal experience in hitting a vehicle straight on at close to 60km/hr (pickup truck pulls out of driveway onto highway, sees bike, slams on brakes and stops. Bike doesn't quite stop in time). I really don't recommend it. Slowing down quickly from that speed hurts. For a long time. And puts a fair few nasty scratches and dents in your bike.

    The biggest problem isn't you falling off through going over the speed limit. It's being able to avoid and stop in time to mitigate the unexpected.

    But speed is exhilarating and fun. And we love it.
    And I to my motorcycle parked like the soul of the junkyard. Restored, a bicycle fleshed with power, and tore off. Up Highway 106 continually drunk on the wind in my mouth. Wringing the handlebar for speed, wild to be wreckage forever.

    - James Dickey, Cherrylog Road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkH View Post
    I was glad to be taking it easy when I saw him!
    Luckily I never speed because it is illegal and therefore wrong!
    I travel that road regularly and I always have to keep checking my speed, having said that I do have great respect for the speed limit, I also have great respect for the missus as well but I don't always do what she says, please don't tell her I said that tho

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