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Thread: Gsf250 carb issue after cleaning

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2000 gsf 250 vz-v View Post
    Got home from work today and tried to get going still rough at first sprayed brake cleaner over while idling high as and would straight away kill it so took everything off again and had a real good go at tightening tubes up did it as best i could withought stripping the screws and fired it up and went for a little ride actually wanted to move at low throttle now still not running great but definitely better than yesterday so i think i found the issue and im hopeful i can fix it with some new hose clamps👍 Cheers guys will let you know how it turns out on the weekend
    Get some rubber grease and check the inlets and rubbers for cracks, when you have them off i see no reason for new clamps?
    You can temp repair clacked inlets with Silicon but it will not last

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    2000 gsf 250 vz-v
    I didnt see any cracks but will check again👍

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