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Thread: FFM M9 helmet

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    FFM M9 helmet

    Hey, first time using one of these sites.
    Actually asking for a mate of mine. He has got an old FFM M9 helmet from his neighbour, but the visor is fucked. Looks like it used to have a pinlock option, but they didn't know what it was and put tape over the hole haha (guessing the pin fell out/broke at some point).

    Was just wondering if anyone knew whether you could still get replacement visors for this helmet or whether you can fit a different model visor? Have looked online but couldn't find anything useful.
    Thanks any input would be appreciated.

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    I have a pretty old FFM K3 (flip front) and was able to get replacement visors - tinted and clear - from Motonart in Lower Hutt. They had to be ordered in but nevetheless, available, so quite possible they are still available for your M9.
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