Hello fellow bikers,

I'm a Pom in need of a favour!

To get to the point: I need a place to store my motorbike in the Christchurch area while I try to sell it.

Backstory: I bought a Kawasaki klr 650 8 months ago, used it for weekend trips with my girlfriend and general riding. With the intention to spend a few weeks over summer touring the south. After a few weekend practices we soon realise it wasn't going to work 2 up with our stuff. So bought a car instead to go on the trip.

In the mean time, we got knocked off the bike by an elderly driver, which caused a little damage to the bike. She blamed me even though she was completely in the wrong. We went through Insurance and got some replacement parts, however the garage that was doing the work took ages to get it done. So we went off on our trip anyway with the intention to get the bike once we finish the trip and sell it once we have jobs in our new location: Christchurch.

I am now in Christchurch, my bike is in Motueka. We have got work away jobs in traffic control so come and go from Christchurch weekly ish. So I have no address in Christchurch which makes selling the bike awkward.

What the ideal scenario would be, is that if any of you fine ladies or gents would offer up some garage space so I could keep my bike in Christchurch, I would then be able to put it up for sale and when I'm back on weekends I would be able show people the bike from a secure location.

If anyone can help me out please let me know asap.

You can send me a message on here, or call me.