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Thread: Road legal Quads/ATV's in the UK? (We need to get the laws changed here)

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    10th October 2017 - 18:07

    Road legal Quads/ATV's in the UK? (We need to get the laws changed here)

    Chances of changing the law in NZ = zero?

    I would totally buy one of these if they were street legal.

    These guys are complete tools but I still cant believe they get away with this on UK roads theres another vid of this guy burning around central london like a complete lunatic aswell.

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    10th June 2006 - 18:35
    bro at this rate we're lucky we're still allowed to own and operate motorcycles, let alone ATV's getting rego

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    14th June 2007 - 22:39
    Obsolete ones.
    Pigs back.
    Dreamin. Dig deeper and look at the stats for injuries.

    Last time I was up over, some knob gobbler was howling up and down in front of the pub on a Banshee, bloody quick, too. Ended up buried into the back of a transit. I nearly spilled me pint.

    Not sure how the law works in the UK but I would rank quads as significantly more dangerous than bikes, or even lime scooters, on the road.

    Just, nah.

    I know we feel a bit oppressed here in NZ as to what we can and can't put on the road but bear in mind that many countries, the yUK in this case, have compulsory insurance laws. If you think the ACC premium is a fist up the bum try insuring a sports bike in the UK if you are under 40. The cost for a quad must be mental.

    When I was 20, I was quoted 1300 pounds third party, fire and theft on a GSXR. The bike was 1750 pounds.

    I don't have a pound sign on me lappie....

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