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Thread: Improved tyre wear after Ride Forever course

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    30th November 2006 - 13:08
    2015 Zongshen RX3

    Mine too

    I've been riding bikes since I was a kid, trials and a bit of classic racing too. The Ride forever courses have had a massive influence on how I ride and most importantly how much enjoyment I have when I ride.
    My bike seems to have stopped eating chains and tyres and yes I'm getting places far more quickly too. I'm doing my second gold tomorrow at Manfield Park in Fielding, mostly for the $200 rebate of licence fees but also because I know I'll have a great day and learn heaps!
    Pity the weather report is so awful!
    Its never too late to have a happy childhood!

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    9th September 2019 - 02:05
    Quote Originally Posted by SaferRides View Post
    I don't use the rear brake much so doubt that's the reason. But I am using the front less, and the tyre looks almost new.mcdvoice
    yeah the same thing I do no doubt tyre looks new by doing it

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