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Thread: What mid sized Adventure bike should I buy

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    14th June 2007 - 22:39
    Obsolete ones.
    Pigs back.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stylo View Post
    Tenere 700, my mate has one done 11k on it now he's off a DR650. He loves it. I've had a squirt on it recently. Love the lighter weight and the no bull-shit lack of electronic aides. Just like the original. And, it's well priced. A no brainer. I'd buy one tomorrow if I had some room to put it.
    At some point I will make room in the shed for a T7 by selling my TDM 850, a sad day.

    Somebody on another forum suggested the MT03 motor in a WR 250. That really piqued my interest.

    If Yamaha make a 300 Tenere I suspect it will be commuter focused. Hopefully wrong.

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    9th December 2005 - 20:11
    BMW , Harley, Vespa

    Thanks for all the advice, guys and girls. but bought a......

    Second hand BMWF650GS 800cc.
    Absolutely love it, comfortable, light, very flickable, great torque at low revs, very easy to move around in the garage.
    Does 65-70MPG ie 23km/L, the way I ride it.
    May need to put a knobbly on the front for the rough stuff.

    Has 71HP, 175kg net weight, ABS, heated grips, luggage, all the good digital stuff.

    Happy for now

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