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Thread: The Moon Landing 50 Years On.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F5 Dave View Post
    Just read the Listener .
    God is that heap of shit still going???

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldrider View Post
    Can't you just see someone building a mini "Harrier jet" using those tiny jet engines? - Now that will be interesting! .
    I have a lawn chair and a gazebo that fell to bits that we could cannibalise for parts!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonu View Post
    God is that heap of shit still going???
    You'd be surprised. That and North and South are the best mags about for investigative journalism these days. They kind of matured when they needed to stand alone as something other than a TV guide for people who couldn't operate technology.

    As the newspapers shed their staff because they no longer have advertising money to pay them, the decent ones found employment elsewhere or as freelancers I guess. Pick one up when next over. Yes there is a bunch of filler for the Reality TV audience but there's usually a couple of solid features.

    Not enough to pay for it myself of course
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    Quote Originally Posted by HenryDorsetCase View Post
    I have a lawn chair and a gazebo that fell to bits that we could cannibalise for parts!
    Many a true word spoken in jest as they say - Sometimes that's about all it takes. ( for me time is the scarce factor, damn it!)
    "The very essence of the banking industry; to make us all, (whether we be nations or individuals), slaves to debt!" ... is it working for them yet?

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