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Thread: Nikasil Cylinders

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    Nikasil Cylinders

    Hi All,

    Anyone had experience having alloy cylinders re nicasiled?

    Google points to NZ Cylinder in ChCh as being the local experts?

    Currently rebuilding an 850 Guzzi Lemans engine and one of the cylinders has a mystery chip about 2-3 mm out of the coating about 10mm

    from top of cylinder.

    New Piston/cylinder kits are avail at around $600 each but other than the chip the engine ran fine.

    sludge trap had about a tablespoon of sludge in it so assume It's not been taken apart previously.
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    I had the MHR Mille cylinders done by them, nice job and turnaround time wasn't very long, the owner was very good to deal with, the fact he has a Bevel Drive Ducati may have helped, it was a while ago but I think it was $400-500 per cylinder
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    They do a very good job and I can recommend them highly.

    The expensive bit isn't the nicasil, it's the top plate necessary to hold the cylinder. If they have one already for that model, great.
    If they have to make one up, bit dearer...
    This is why common multis are cheaper than one- off single cylinders.

    Talk to them - and send a pic of the chip too.

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