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Thread: Rain Gear Recommendations 2019

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    My experiences with Revit rain gear is 'never again' Wrapping a paper tissue around me would keep me dryer than their rain jacket and pants.

    My 1tonne Duel textile set is the bees knees for extreme cold/wet winter but too hot for the majority of the year. Great value, ok .. cheap but I can handle that shame. I bought their 1tonne one piece rain suit, which is bloody hard to get on and off, so I hardly ever bother using it. It does keep the rain out 100% except after a short time in the saddle the bottom of the legs ride up to your knees, letting water get into your boots. Need under heel straps or elastic band to hold them down and that would be spot on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoonicorn View Post
    Everything wears with time, the Goretex gear is the best but the seals do give up over time, so if you commute everyday in goretex I doubt it would last. Fortnine did a review of water-proof gear about a year ago
    You do have to look after Goretex - important to keep it clean and refresh the DWR coating occasionally. Kathmandu have a section on their website.

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