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Thread: 2007 te450 motard?

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    2007 te450 motard?

    Hay all, first time here so this is all new to me. Have just purchased a low hours 2007 te450 husqvarna with the intentions of turning it into a road legal motard. Has anyone done this? It came with all the road gear to do so. The only issue so far is wheels, I have the option of having the hubs relaced to a 17" setup but as far as I'm aware you cant buy them like this. As far as the road legal aspect is it possible to put on the road? Or a nightmare. Any advice appreciated.


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    for putting it on the road, if it was logged with LTSA when it came in, it is a heck of a lot easier, probably best to run the vin number through teh system,

    you should be able to buy 17's rim and spoke kits to change over wheels with the std hubs,

    parts for that model may not be the easiest to get, as the factory shut down when they merged with ktm,

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