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Thread: KTM 790 Adventure R

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    KTM 790 Adventure R

    Anyone here have one and has some insight to share?

    I recently rode the KTM Rallye on my 690 - my first foray into adventure riding. Found it quite liberating how unprecious these guys are about their bikes and also the parts of the country that were previously inaccessible.

    As fun as the 690 is, lack of luggage carrying capability, tank range and seat really preclude it from being a great adventure bike.

    Is the 790 Adventure R a good complement to the 690? I still have heaps of roadbikes, so I do not really need the likes of a 1290.

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    I'm surprised no one's piped up...
    I don't own one (690) nor do I want to, but there's plenty of people "adventurising" them.
    From my experience,
    For a seat try seat concepts in the states. I've had their product on a couple of bikes and rate it.
    Luggage, try Mosko Moto throw overs. Not cheap but a quality piece of kit.
    I'm not sure about larger tanks, maybe Safari in Oz ?
    It may be worthwhile pricing up upgrades before shelling out for a new ride.

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    Obsolete ones.
    Pigs back.
    There is an exceedingly robust debate about the pros and cons of upgrading a 690 or buying a 790 on the ADV Rider forum.

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