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Thread: No Street Triple R in 2020

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    28th July 2018 - 04:02
    2019 Street Triple R

    No Street Triple R in 2020

    Looks like Triumph are not making the Street Triple R this year. Just the S and RS.

    Bummer as it's one of the two bike's I'm considering for my upgrade. Hoping I'll still be able to find some come January.
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    15th September 2004 - 22:33
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    I rode the RS yesterday (thanks TSS) and it’s awesome. Loved the engine.
    Thinking about getting a 2020 version.

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    I bought an ordinary (non RS) Street Triple in 2009 and loved it to bits. Had it for 6 years. Fast forwarding to March this year and replacing my GSX-S 1000, it was a toss-up between the ST R and the Duke 790. I didn't consider the RS as most reports concluded that the extra cost of "trick bits" wasn't worth it. I was really impressed with the R but the Duke made me laugh more so that's what I bought in the end. I can understand Triumph dropping the R though as there probably isn't sufficient market differentiation to support the 3 models.

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