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Thread: Warming engine up - stationary vs ridden

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    Warming engine up - stationary vs ridden

    Was looking into warming engines up and I see there are two chains of thought. 1) warmup your engine till the revs lower and then go so maybe a few mins. 2) 30secs and then go (winter especially) . "Auto experts today say that you should warm up the car no more than 30 seconds before you start driving in winter."

    Basically saying idle keeps yr engine in a wear and tear stage and driving is the fastest and best way to warm it up (not thrashing ofcourse).

    The old warmup is only for carb engine. Love your thoughts and hear if people here have differentferent views also.

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    Pretty much any vehicle can be safely operated immediately after it's started - as long as it isn't caned from cold.

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    The tolerances of modern engines are very tolerant compared to the tolerances of older engines which were less tolerant and often intolerant.

    Still best to let the oil get up to temp before thrashing commences.

    I should imagine the frequency of oil changes has more of an impact on engine life than start up procedures.

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