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Thread: DL650 Stalling - intermittent Low idle

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    DL650 Stalling - intermittent Low idle

    Gidday All,

    New to the forum, been looking around for a while and finally decided to post.

    I recently got myself a DL650 2010 model, really happy with the bike overall, and enjoy riding it. Since I got her I have done an Oil and Oil filter change, stripped and replaced all necessarily broken panel clips, new cables etc, etc, basically gone from to back and made sure everything is perfect.

    Now, I recently changed the Airfilter for a new OEM one, after I did this the bike started to idle low when warm ?? to the point when I come to a stop from riding on the motorway she models so low and occasionally cuts out altogether. so I went to the local Suzuki dealer and they suggested it might be the plugs, and or the air-fuel sensor, that I should change the plug and ride her for a bit to let the ECU -Relearn the new setings? I have been riding her now for 3 weeks and it is still the same no change or improvement ?? spoke to the dealer again and they said they don't know what it could be, and I will have to book her in and let them faultfind.

    So my question is, does anyone know what else I can try before I book her in and have to sell out heaps of cash to faultfind? my next thing to try would maybe be exchanging the air/fuel sensor in the airbox, or cleaning it if possible? and or checking and cleaning the Lamda sensor in the exhuast?

    Help, please

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    I've learned over time to only change one thing at a time when fault finding.

    What happens when you replace the old air filter? What type of filter was it if not OEM? Washable cloth type? Try cleaning it rather than swap for a new OEM? (I am def a proponent of OEM replacement parts, however if it has "learned" that filter/mixture ratio you might find it returns to normal idle if you put the old one back) At least you might have a starting point to inform the dealer/mechanic's decision making.

    I don't have an answer for you but in your shoes I would suspect a rich mixture at idle. Check spark plug GAP is correct also.

    good luck.

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    If you are going to book it in somewhere, be sure not to take it to a shop that thought "putting a new spark plug in it & letting the ecu re learn" was a good idea.
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    Hi Milan have a look at the V-Strom forum -

    This is an awesome site full of info for stroms bound to be something there for you or ask on the forum
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    Does refitting the foam filter sort the broblem out?
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