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Thread: Australia Fire storm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OddDuck View Post
    Currently I'm working on a ramp for the stairs, hopefully this will work with the bike's Walk mode so there's no lifting.
    Stupid question. Can you not set the pace at stupidly slow and simply walk/bump it up your stairs? Or drop a very long lead out your window, and chain your ride to a fence?
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    Perfectly fair question. Er, no. Aggressive stairs with biggish steps. The bike does have a walk function. I think these are great... there's a walk button, press and hold and it'll give you about 5% of motor output. Brilliant. Unfortunately it's not enough to get it climbing these stairs, they aren't grippy concrete, they're worn wood and there just isn't enough grip on the back tyre. Also it'll bang the hell out of the bike if I do this every day.

    Leaving the bike out in the weather... yeah not keen on this. I live in a coastal area and have seen someone's pushie go from near new to tip shop trash in about six months, simply by being left out in the sea breeze.

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