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Thread: '98 Suzuki FX 650 Freewind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonez View Post
    I was in SuperCheap Autos last Friday to see if my favorite m/c oil was on special and spotted RISLONE super concentrated Fuel Injecter Cleaner was on sale at around $7 total. It's fine for carbs as well.

    The XF650 was playing up intermittently. At first I thought it was bad fuel until I found out the carb drain tubes weren't draining fuel when their screws were loosened off. To me this indicated lacquer build up as I managed to clear one tube with 22 thou lock wire.

    I bought the a bottle of the cleaner because, well, it was cheap compared to the other brands which were over twice the cost. The instructions say put a 1/4 of a bottle in the tank on the XF650(18.5ltrs full). Me being me put half a bottle in the tank.On the weekend I used a tank and a half of fuel. During the rides you could notice the difference. Better throttle response and no hick ups at all from the bike.

    I've always been a bit skeptical of using any type of additive in any vehicle but this certainly did the job. I'm very please with the out come.
    Thanks Bonez. I'll give this stuff a try in some of mine.
    Navy Boy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navy Boy View Post
    Thanks Bonez. I'll give this stuff a try in some of mine.
    Know worries mate. I've never had to pay more than $30 on a 4ilr pack.

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