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Thread: Moeraki crash

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    Quote Originally Posted by rastuscat View Post
    Kinda feel like that's my first ever troll. Apart from the troll bikes and troll cars I've used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    I'm not disagreeing with the statement of 'Those who are pure shall cast the first stone', however there is also a statement that when compared to the regular population, Tourists (per capita) are over-represented in Crashes.

    Both statements are correct (to a point) and both represent valid problems that need solutions.

    The tourist one I feel is partly due to once out of any major city, the only option to get around NZ is to drive, there's no Trains, no real public transport etc. which forces people who would likely not drive, to drive.
    My belief is town drivers struggle in country conditions. Have seen it many times.

    We for the most part cant change what tourists do. But we can change what we do.

    Get some training.
    Quote Originally Posted by Katman View Post
    but once again you proved me wrong.
    Quote Originally Posted by cassina View Post
    I was hit by one such driver while remaining in the view of their mirror.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nzspokes View Post
    My belief is town drivers struggle in country conditions. Have seen it many times.

    We for the most part cant change what tourists do. But we can change what we do.

    Get some training.
    I don't disagree with most of that.

    The flipside is also true - Country drivers struggle with Motorway conditions. I think the fairest statement is to say that All Drivers struggle in unfamiliar conditions.

    The only thing I take (slight) umbrage with is that we can't change what tourists do.

    I think the crux of frustration from certain sectors is that:

    1: We haven't really tried to change what tourists do and so don't know if we can or not.
    2: There's an unwillingness to discuss honestly the problem of Tourist drivers.

    As an example of the latter - Rastus (quite rightly) points out that 90% of Accidents are home-grown with no Tourists required, however this is an appeal to the bigger problems fallacy (of sorts), He's not wrong in his statement and since there's a question of effort vs reward, focusing all your effort on 90% of the problem is absolutely a pragmatic way to go. The frustration I think is that people see that and reason 'What if we spent 10% of effort on the 10% of the problem' - with various solutions ranging from the impractical to the borderline discriminatory.

    TL;DR - Both sides of this discussion have big kernels of truth in them, but whilst we treat the problem as an either/or - the other side is going to get louder and louder from being ignored.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Conquiztador View Post
    No, not "fair enough too". Their job should be to build good roads that can withstand abuse from drivers and that reduce the chance of an accident happening. But from what I have seen this might not be the case. I wonder if there is ever an inspection of the new road/the upgrade/the repair by the buyer (The government, and as they represent us that is actually us who are the customer...) and they get their fingers smacked for poor workmanship and are told to do it again??
    it would appear that the more expensive the project/road, the less likely such an inspection is to happen. I present to the court the Kapiti Expressway. I think it was open about 8 or 9 weeks when they started ripping it up. 3 years later its still a traffic cone festival.
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