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Thread: Another BMW recall.

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    Another BMW recall.

    This one is pretty padantic though
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    I read the Australian 'Motorcycle trader' magazine regularly and it lists current recalls. Many of them are from manufacturers whom you'd have thought would be better than that and a lot of the issues are clearly down to the lack of R+D time between conception and launch. A recent example being the quickshifter mechanism on a number of new Triumphs was too close to a fitting and could snag on it causing obvious hassle.

    Their message is that most makers now spend too little time on the basics when rushing their products to market. I guess that it's not restricted to the motorcycle industry either.

    Are we really all in such a rush to see new models?
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    "Apparently, some of the affected models may not clearly state the required type of brake fluid and the process for filling the reservoir."

    biiiiig whoop but ok fairs fair. cheap/quick fix for bmw!

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