Has been a good solid bike the last 6 years I've owned it.

Have run it on full synthetic oil at a safe 40:1 mix.
Air Filter and Transmission serviced after every 2 rides (or a long enduro day).

Vertex top end rebuild 26.6 hours ago, new hr meter fitted at the time.
Runs really well, is a first kick bike when warm, 2nd kick when cold.

Geared low (12-52) for better control at low speed & torque.
Tough set of TAG metals bars.

Rear Tyre Michelin S12 XC - 30% worn, shed-loads of trail & enduro riding left in it.
Front tyre Michelin Star Cross 5 (soft) - Very little wear.

Wasn't planning on selling anytime soon, this has been my "noble steed". I've been offered a newer 300 at a good price which I can't turn down.
Located in Napier, may be able to help with Delivery to Wellington (where the 300 I'm hoping to pick up is) or perhaps Hamilton if visiting family in the next month.

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