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Thread: Need help please. 250cc supershadow keeyway.

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    keeway supershadow 250cc

    Need help please. 250cc supershadow keeyway.

    I have a 2008 supershadow keeway bobber.

    First bike ive owned and the other day i went to start it,

    To do that i turn on the key, Make sure its in neutral, (the green neutral light will be light up) then ill be able to turn it over.

    Now, Its stuck in a high gear, if i put in the clutch that wont help other then to roll it.
    Its like its jammed or something im unsure i just need answers cause i cant find anything on how to fix this

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    Keep clicking the gear lever down while rolling it until you get to first, then back up to neutral. Try that.
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    As said, you need to push down on the gear shifter, with the clutch engaged until it stops clicking, or feels solid. Then it will be in 1st, and a half shift should get you to neutral.
    Sometimes, if it doesn't want to shift, it helps to rock the bike back and forth a little to allow it to engage gears.
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