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Thread: MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Lusso

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berries View Post
    Yeah, had you down as a Facebook user.
    Well I'm not smart arse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MD View Post
    Exactly. I used to get the odd moment of guilt about the new bikes I've bought over the years but now I realise it was absolutely the right choice every time. You don't know when your numbers up so enjoy life while you can, while still fit and able to play with toys. You can't enjoy them once 6 foot under or incapacitated with old age in a rest home. Better to look back with fond memories of this or that bike, not stare at a pointless bank balance from your walking frame.
    Yep exactly! No point getting old and then thinking you might finally buy a brand new bike and not be able to enjoy it!
    I also get a lot of satisfaction from the rebuilds I have done but to be honest, when they are finished, I don't want to ride them. The older bikes totally show their age compared to the current available machinery...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laava View Post
    Yep exactly! No point getting old and then thinking you might finally buy a brand new bike and not be able to enjoy it!
    I also get a lot of satisfaction from the rebuilds I have done but to be honest, when they are finished, I don't want to ride them. The older bikes totally show their age compared to the current available machinery...
    Yep, restoring/building and riding are two separate sides of the same coin. I used to love fettling older bikes but now I'm in my 70's, riding is the number 1 priority whilst I'm still competent to do so. I want something new that I can just jump on with no hassle. All a matter of your interest and priorities at a given time of your life I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navy Boy View Post
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    Good Day one and all

    I've recently managed to secure myself a new MV Turismo Veloce Lusso - Yes I do have eclectic tastes in bikes but it wouldn't do to be the same as everyone else I reckon

    So - Thoughts thus far:

    Engine and Gearbox

    Ruddy great engine - This is 'Only' the 110 Bhp version of the 800 triple but it's got plenty of mid range grunt which is ideal for real roads. It sounds lovely and still has some of that visceral appeal that MVs are so good at. The gearbox has an up-down quickshifter which is a bit of a mixed bag. Upshifts are fine (I always only use the quickshifter after 5-10 minutes of running so that the oil has time to warm up a little) but the downshifts aren't as slick as they could be. I'm still using the clutch for down shifts as mechanical sympathy doesn't allow me to give the gearlever the stomp it needs to go down the box.


    I think that it's a fabulous looking machine. Some may disagree and I hope that's the case as the day MV start making bikes that everyone likes will be a sad day indeed.

    Chassis and brakes

    This is where things become more interesting/hard to decide upon. The brakes bit is easy - They are Brembo and they work as you'd expect. The suspension is an electronically adjustable semi-active system which, I'll be honest, is taking some getting used to. There's plenty of choice with regards to the settings. In fact I'd argue that there may be too much choice but I think that I'm slowly getting the hang of it. You can feel the semi-active technowhizzbangery doing its thing over the smaller lumps and trying to be supple which brings with it a slightly odd pitching-type motion. It's not unpleasant, just not quite what you were expecting. However trying to find a set-up that suits me and my riding is taking a while. It's all part of the fun I guess though I do find the front end feel isn't quite as precise as other bikes so it's a game of trusting the front end to do what you want it to.


    I really like MVs. They aren't perfect and they take some getting used to but they represent a lot of what I like about bikes and biking. The TVL takes a lot of the good MV qualities (Visceral engine and unique styling) and matches those with good luggage, a comfy riding position and real world-friendly ergonomics. If you're ever curious I'd suggest taking one for a ride. You might like it more than you thought you would.
    So - I'm almost 6 months in and have racked up some 5500Km on the TV Lusso now and, thanks to recent weather conditions, have experienced it in nearly every type of weather short of full-on snow!

    Thus far most of my initial impressions remain intact. The bike's great fun to ride and is a head turner wherever you go which is a nice feeling

    Like most I suspect I've distilled the myriad settings and adjustment down to 2-3 settings to suit the road/mood. 'Touring' mode is a bit softer and smoother for general riding. 'Custom' livens things up a little and 'Rain' is at the other end of the spectrum. The not so good bits are the misting up indicators (Front and rear), the still slightly clunky operation of the quickshifter on the upshifts and the dashboard wanting me to enter the pin code every now and again for no apparent reason... Who says bikes have no personality?

    I guess the main question is would I buy another and what would one compare it to? I'd say that the Multistrada 950 I rode is possibly a better Adventure type of machine but wasn't as visceral in its appeal. A VStrom 1050 would be entirely dependable but wouldn't have the 'Specialness' of the MV and a Triumph Tiger 900 is lovely but I'm not 100% convinced by the whole T-plane crank alteration that makes it fell more like a twin and less like a traditional triple motor. Given the choice I'd probably plump for one of Triumph's latest 1200 Scramblers were I to choose again but the MV is certainly worth a close look if you're in the market for a sporty yet comfortable road machine that can tour as well as scratch down your favourite back road.

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    Well done buying something a bit left field and enjoying the experience. That's what life is about. There's no bad bike purchase, they're all just part of life's experiences.
    Happiness is a means of travel, not a destination

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