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Thread: Does this happen often? First time.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viking01 View Post
    You did well (and right) under the circumstances. Glad that you avoided injury.

    These types of incidents are always so totally unexpected that they "shock" you, and it takes a wee while to mentally process them. But you'll be fine.

    On a similar subject. As you start doing more riding, please do pay careful attention to oncoming vehicles that have stopped in the road centre, wanting to turn across your path.

    Even when you think that the oncoming driver has clearly "sighted you" (and they should wait for you to pass before making their turn - because you have right-of-way), sometimes they don't. Sometimes the gap in traffic is just long enough for them to decide to "give it a go".

    So please do test out the braking capability on your machine as you gain more confidence, and be ready to stop in these cases.

    Sage advice. To this day I follow what we used to teach in the late 80s :
    'to aid a driver not just seeing you, but Noticing you, I change wheel tracks (cars leave 2 wheel tracks on the road. I ride mostly in Right track) at least once and end up away from them track.

    This gives them lateral movements rather than just a headlight approach straight on. The other thing it does is make them wonder if you are a danger and might scratch their car.

    Additionally it has you already reacting to them as a potential threat and more likely to be able to put the BrakeLikeHell plan B into action without panic.

    Before I had racing and dirtbikes to practice braking near the edge, I'd find a carpark every week and try 1/2 doz stops. Always focus on horizon when practicing. Always consider Escape routes on the road.

    What you practice time and again will cease to be scary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaesliSkye View Post
    I called my Dad who came down to check the bike over with me.

    It’s unfortunate that none of these guys have asked if you’re alright or how you’re feeling about this? Such a shame...

    How are you doing I hope you’re ok from this incident? I can lend an ear anytime or if you want safe parking tips I’m happy to oblige.

    ChCh is a lovely place to ride btw, has really good restaurants I hear.

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    I've had bikes backed into 3 times. The last time I was still on the damned thing. Yes, it happens.
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    I've moved the off-topic and bs posts into Pointless Drivel. I'd suggest if you want to carry on this way you save me the hassle and just start posting in PD instead of the main forum.

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    Angry Yes it happens

    It's usually stupidity not intent. The dumbass probably hasn't got a licence and moved off in the wrong gear. Others just don't look in their rearview.

    There's a lot of advice on where to position your bike for visibility, but that won't help if the dumbass has issues with bikes taking up a car parking space and drives into you on purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakie View Post
    I've had bikes backed into 3 times. The last time I was still on the damned thing. Yes, it happens.
    Sorry to hear that brother oaktree, hopefully this doesn't happen again

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