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Thread: Ninja 400 2020 Frame Sliders

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    Kawasaki Ninja 400 2020

    Ninja 400 2020 Frame Sliders


    First time posting here, wondering if I can get some help.

    Im buying a Ninja 400 2020 in the next few weeks and I wanted to get some advice on frame sliders for the bike.

    Ive read a few posts here that suggest that going with multi point frame sliders are better then single mount point.

    Does anyone know or could suggest where I could buy the following:
    1. Frame sliders
    2. Spool sliders
    3. Engine cover

    Also if I need any other protective gear for the bike.

    I love in Auckland.

    I dont want to buy the Kawasaki OEM frame sliders as Ive not heard good things about them. Although could get the OEM spool and engine covers.

    Thanks in advance.

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    R&G are the most common, motorcycle shops should have them in stock/get them in for you or just buy online? Word of warning though, some frame sliders might need some drilling/dremeling of your fairings to install them, I'd go for OEM unless you're brapping the kawa on trackdays.

    As for extra protection, bar-ends might be another thing to get if you want to protect your bike from drops and slides, maybe tank grips too.

    But if you expect to slide, safety gear should be at the top of the list

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