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Thread: Ear Plug?

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    Question Ear Plug?

    Hi guys, got a bit of a special request for ear plugs.

    I ride a bike for work that has loud sirens and I have a comms kit in the helmet. I also often stop and speak to drivers.

    I've found that the sirens are very loud and drown out the comms so I have to turn the comms way up to a near deafening level (for short periods of time when I've got the sirens on). I never really noticed before but yesterday at the start of shift I used the sirens while getting updates over the comms and didn't again for the rest of the shift but my ears were still uncomfortable at the end of shift. I'm afraid of doing permanent damage to my hearing if I keep doing this, keeping in mind I've been doing it since March 2019 and have not noticed any hearing loss.

    Does anyone know of earplugs that will filter out the siren but allow me to hear the in-helmet speakers? And also allow enough sound through so I can talk to people without removing my helmet? I've had a pair of moulded ear plugs for years that I use when riding my own bikes but I don't think I would be able to hear anything clearly with them in.

    I'm thinking there probably isn't a suitable product out there but if anyone knows of something please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Simple ear plugs, as in the disposable kind, will help cut background noise and still allow you to hear comms.
    Or just ask Matt F what he recommends.
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    Dont use the siren or change jobs Simple

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    I use custom moulded plugs from Plugz 4 Lugz in Rotorua. I get better clarity from my comms with them in than not having them as they filter high frequency wind noise. Not sure how they'd work for sirens.

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    You should report this to your employer, as they are legally responsible for your health and safety in the workplace.

    Hearing loss usually occurs gradually, by the time you notice it the damage has been done.

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    Filtering the background noise will actually allow you to hear the comms more clearly at a lower volume level.
    I've got Plugz 4 Lugz, but the only custom set of moulded plugs I think they've done. I found wearing the full size for long periods didn't allow the ear to deform, so a subsequent set (I think I'm on the 3rd) I got them to drop down and have a nib on the end so I could twist in and get out. Technically these will compromise the total protection, but as I said to them, if I have to remove the plugs altogether, then they're not helping at all.

    You may need to research a more technical solution, where certain frequencies are filtered out, but realistically, I suspect that using plugs, speaking to someone and still having the road noise from other vehicles passing, will mean it will be tricky to resolve. With plugs, flip helmet and going into fuel stations, I can hear the attendant, but only just, and the environment is much quieter.

    Most obvious solution is casper. Ask the others.
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    maybe moulded earplug with the comms built in to them rather than the helmet speakers.With the comms off you should still be able to communicate,even if it means pulling one plug out(or at least dislodging one?)

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    Try to get some molded plugs that orchestra musicians use, as they have a filter in them that lets through normal speach frequencies but blocks others. Comms and telephones limit the frequency band to something around 300Hz to 3kHz as this the useful speach frequency. Anything above or below that it not needed to understand what is being said.

    I got mine in the UK but they will be available here. Maybe ask in a musical instrument shop. Your sirens and wind noise are at higher frequencies so will be attenuated (reduced) but your comms and normal speach will get through.

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