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Thread: Suzuki tf125 problem with gear oil

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    Suzuki tf125 problem with gear oil

    Hi I bought a second hand tf125 not too long ago. I checked the transmission oil lately by taking off the bolt above the rear brake pedal and nothing came out even when I shook it. I got a litre and filled it up but still nothing came out. Ended up putting too much in and the clutch started slipping. Emptied it out though. What could be causing this? As far as I know when you take the bolt out the right level should be when it starts coming out yet I put in a litre and nothing came out. The level is 800mls also. As it is just no real way I can tell how much is in there

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    Its probably blocked as a billion years old. Clutch is a bit weak so it was due to I'd imagine. They have 1 plate less than the TS even.

    Drain it, pull the sidecover off, wind the springs in a bit further and refill with actual 2 stroke type gearbox oil the correct measured amount and forget about level hole.

    Read my thread in bucket section on Pete's TF125 for ideas of spring puller and clutch improvement.
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