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Thread: MotoGP 2021

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    Quote Originally Posted by onearmedbandit View Post
    Not sad to see for me, he's still out doing what he loves at an age where most people make a noise standing up from their chair.
    Its amazing he's still as fast as he's ever been tbh.
    That's some bull shit right there!

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    All things being equal.
    But they aren't, as there will have been electronic, aero and suspension updates since last year one assumes.
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    Just off to bed because I'm so bloody snowed under with work drawing plans because I broke my bloody arm over riding like a dickhead last practice a day before the meeting.
    So its been 12-14 hours a day and haven't even touched repairing the bloody bike yet bike.

    OK so if the discussion on my last post is near at an end here is another thought??

    I watched this

    Hopefully you can watch like me as I am not subscribed to Motogp site anymore so this must be free.
    Its about start devices
    BUT they did mention they push a lever to lower the rear out of corners as well, to get power down and reduce wheelie.

    Soooooooo my thought is if they are pushing levers out of corners just when the power is really coming on fast and if its a lot of corners.
    Would this have something to do with all the Arm pump issues we are seeing?????????????
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    Arm pump has been affecting riders since the 80's though (riders wrist it was sometimes referred to). From reading articles by the likes of Mat Oxley etc it's blamed on the braking and acceleration forces the riders are under as bikes get more and more powerful, in areas like grip, accel and braking. The lever the riders activate would require minimal effort compared to those forces.

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    Has the rider silly season started yet?
    What the hey, gotta get the ball rolling.
    My calls for 2022: Acosta to stay 1 more season in M3 after coming close but not taking title in 2021 (who will? I'm gonna put Migno out there), Masia to go to KTM Moto2, Gardner and Lowes to Tech 3 MotoGP, Petrux and Lecuona out. Lecuona might go back to M2. Fernandez R to stay in M2 to win title in 2022 after either Gardner or Lowes wins it in 2021.
    Diggia is already virtually confirmed in MotoGP with Gresini, where does that leave Dovi? If he wants to race, Aprilia would be crazy to not take him and kick Savadori out. LS is simply not up to this level of competition, sadly for him.

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    Rossi’s sponsorship arrangements for his upcoming Moto GP team are causing comment. Mat Oxley’s column on finance in motorcycle GPs in Motor Sport magazine is a good read.
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