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Thread: Which Laws Can't You Break?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rastuscat View Post
    The laws of physics.

    Just putting it out there, inviting anyone who cares to disagree.

    Must be Friday.

    I'd say you cannot break the laws of physics but you can break the known laws of physics potentially and therefore update the known laws themselves. If you break the known law you are still not breaking the actual laws of physics. What about some mathematical laws? Is there a law explaining 1 + 1 = 2 and can it be broken?

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    Quote Originally Posted by george formby View Post
    The laws of physics are dictated by what we can see and measure. Lots of stuff we can't see, so can't measure.

    For example. I serviced my bike a few months ago. Filter, oil, all the usual gubbins. Ran the bike and topped up the oil level to fill an empty filter, perfick. Took it for a short jaunt and checked again, perfick.

    Some time later, after re-charging the battery, I pulled the bike out of the shed to start it up, but not until I checked the window of mystery. Lo! The window was empty, transparent, no oil to be seen. Where has it gone?

    Nothing on the ermine rug on which the bike resides, the shed is alarmed and guarded by spiders which ensure the alarm is working, so nobody has been siphoning 10w30. Checked the battery, no oil in it.. Spiders are no bigger, it hasn't been particularly hot, the bike does not appear to have expanded, I'm flummoxed.

    Please explain.
    Put the bike on the centre stand - they always show nothing if it is on the side stand .
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