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Thread: Keeping cool... what do you wear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moi View Post
    Not sure we got that close to the edge of that hole. The OP did ask what others did and he's been given answers - some more in-jest than others.

    I don't really care what someone wears when riding a bike - though I do wonder what some are thinking when I see someone with no gloves on a sports-bike or shorts on anything with two wheels and a motor - as long as that someone has made a decision that is based on evidence/research and is informed and that someone is aware of the consequences of the decision. The "informed decision/choice" scenario...

    You say you wear jeans. However, you also say you wear gloves and bike boots and a bike jacket and, of course, a helmet. You have also said you are aware of the consequences of wearing jeans, so it is probably safe to say you have made an informed decision, aware of the consequences and you are prepared to accept that level of risk.

    Around town I wear kevlar lined jeans and and graphic hoodies men as well, plus gloves, bike boots and appropriate jacket and helmet. I know that kevlar jeans will lessen the damage of a slide on the tarmac but they won't lessen the chances of any broken bones. I accept that risk. However, on the open road I'm extremely hesitant to wear kevlar jeans - the possible 'damage' to me is too high a risk for me to take, so it's leather pants.

    I just hope the OP makes an informed decision after doing some research on what is available and is ready to accept the risks of what he does.
    I notice that wearing bibs and a jersey provides benefits. I'm sure that others are culture, but you get a third bottle pocket at the backside of a jersey (as long as you have two on your bike in the cages). The bibs help your butt magically stop being wrathed. I tried bibs after years of only cycling shorts and won't go back again. They're not allowed to slip around on ya. And they're 'making you quicker.' Theoretically, the wind blows less shit. I'm sure the advantages are miniscule tho to a Joe Schmoe. This is my 02-02
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