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Thread: Hey!, Guess what?...

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    24th November 2005 - 12:40
    anything I can get my grubby wee paws on

    Hey!, Guess what?...


    Guess what I found in the back of my garage today?

    Behind the Suzuki, and on past the FIAT. A Really-oh, Truely-oh, bright red Ducati

    Yay for lockdowns.

    Finally uncovered the old girl, and installed the solar charge cable. Been meaning to do that for years. A fresh hot charge all the time (I hope).

    Still need a front tyre though

    And I think I'm going to upgrade the earth wire.

    += well pleased


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    25th March 2004 - 17:22
    RZ496/Street 765RS/GasGas/ etc etc
    Wellington. . ok the hutt
    Lockdown means I'm not riding on sundays. Finally getting jobs done on bikes that I probably should be doing at nights, but CBF'd.
    I've been told. Dreaming`s free.
    Think I'll go, back to sleep.
    Everybody listen, voices in my head
    Everybody listen, do yours say, what mine says?

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