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Thread: Judith Collins getting the arse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berries View Post
    The wife says yes.
    Well, that's certainly one definition of Slavery....
    Physics; Thou art a cruel, heartless Bitch-of-a-Mistress

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    Right. Self Interest is your reason to work. You work because you want to enjoy a certain level of lifestyle. You don't work because the Government forces you to.
    It is in my own best interest to work. And I enjoy my job.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    Maybe, maybe not - Most of mine stem from the Locke view of Natural (or God Given Rights). There's a certain amount of extrapolation required for some (such as Copyright Law) but as a general rule, anything that traces it's lineage to those principles I believe to be good and Moral.
    1. I can't recall any god giving me anything. You must be special. You believe a god gave you these rights ... ?? (I do not)

    2. You believe in a god ?? The god that gave you these "Rights" ... ?? (I do not)

    3. "General Rules" usually have exceptions. Do you believe your "General Rule" does NOT have exceptions ... ?? (I do not)

    4. YOU believe you are good and Moral ... ?? (I do not)

    5. And with your (above) beliefs ... you expect people to take you seriously ... ?? REALLY ...?? (I do not)

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    I'd be interested to know what umbrage you take with that...
    See above ...

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    Do we not revere Ghandi? Or what about Schindler? Mandela? Rosa Parks? When the law that is being broken is unjust, then civil disobedience IS Virtuous. The key part being Civil.
    And what is their opinion of the current COVID situation here in New .. ??

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    Well, the Free Market is what pays my salary, and it's a bit more than $10. So either I'm extremely good at convincing people (and given the amount of discussion where I take the opposing view here, I think we can dispense with that theory ) or I've got some rather valuable skills.
    My Employer pays my salary. And it too is a bit more than $10. Still waiting for your point.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    That's dodging the question, because just like COVID someone could point to an objective threat posed by them because of their Beliefs and they could do so using the exact same reasoning used to justify the Vaccine Pass.
    "THEM" ... ??? You "moral" racist prick.

    They use the Covid Pass for the same reasons YOU and I do. To get a meal and a coffee.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    No doubt you agree that such a discrimination is wrong - but if you accept the framing of the argument for the Vaccine pass, you cannot do so on the same logical grounds.
    Not if the discrimination is against fat useless Islamophobic pricks like you.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    That's circular logic, considering the question being posed
    Your "Circular Logic" has you going around in circles ...

    The logic is they HAVE a Covid Pass and can enter businesses legally. And for the same reasons you and I have ... the right to enter any business requiring a Pass to be (at least) shown or scanned.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    I'm sure you do and I'm sure they are all lovely.
    I do trust the one's I know. But they're not all 'Lovely". A few are fat useless pricks like you. And most of them have seen a reality ... VERY much worse than YOU will EVER see in New Zealand.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    Would you deny someone access to your business based on their personal belief?
    Businesses require customers. If they had a legal Covid pass to enter my business ... why should I question them on their beliefs ..??

    If you had a Covid pass ... I'd probably let you in to.

    Your point is ... ??

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    This is what it comes down to: If the answer is No, then you have to extend that to people who are both Anti-Vaxx or people who simply believe that Vaccine Passports are wrong.
    I would allow them access IF they had a LEGAL current Covid Pass. As they are then legally allowed to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    If the answer is Yes, then you couldn't complain when someone using that same logic turns around and says 'Get out of my shop, we don't serve your kind in here'
    See above ... you fat useless racist prick.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    Sure, Slavery was a human universal, until the British stopped it. They stopped it based on the same principles that I oppose Vaccine Passports. The fact that we've legalized discrimination in this country shows that times haven't changed all that much...
    No ... They stopped it on the grounds of the cruelty and suffering inflicted on the slaves ... and the basic principal of it being Mans inhumanity to man. And there was a great deal of opposition (by slave owners ... of which were many) ... not much different to those protesting nowadays.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    One claimed existential threat, one socialist dictator and people suddenly forget all about others Rights and Freedoms and think the Crocadile won't eat them...
    Claimed .. ??? check out the current Covid death toll in NZ. The worldwide one might take some believing ... but as you believe in god and your own morals ... you'd probably believe it was a fairy tale.

    Go figure.

    And get spellcheck (or an education). It's spelt Crocodile.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    They are dead. The siding with Jacinda killed them and the fact they betrayed their Voterbase on a number of key issues has guaranteed they will never be resurrected.
    They might be a better choice than National. The voter base that would support them have short memories.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    Okay then -
    Do you disagree with the principle of Bodily Autonomy?
    Do you think that someone other than you has the right to demand you do something with your body that you don't want to do?
    Do you think that it is right to treat people differently based on a perceived threat that their personal views might entail?
    I agreed to vaccinations as I saw it being in MY best interest to do so. As did YOU. And most of those not vaccinated DO believe Covid IS a threat. They either object to the compulsion to get vaccinated ... or don't trust the vaccines.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDemonLord View Post
    I believe bodily autonomy to be one of the highest principles, I don't think that anyone should be able to make anyone else put something in their body that they have not consented to and I think any discrimination - no matter how well intentioned or what justification is given, is wrong.
    You (as I am) are entitled to our opinions (one of the rights your god gave you) ... and not having any or all vaccinations ... has not been made illegal.
    When life throws you a curve ... Lean into it ...

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