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Thread: Ninja 300 Oil Viewing port cracked - Help!

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    Unhappy Ninja 300 Oil Viewing port cracked - Help!

    Hey guys, new forum member and rider here. Was practicing tight right turns and hit a curb at a low speed causing me to drop my Ninja 300, the rear brake lever took the brunt and smashed the oil viewing port.

    My current options are to wait for a replacement which could take ages due to covid and none being avalible online from nz or au, Or get a scrappy cover for the right side of my engine with a uncracked port

    Unfortunately this had to happen a couple days before my planned big ride.... if anyone knows anyone with a part or a cover or any solutions I would be more than grateful and happy to pickup and pay for the part.

    the part number is 52005-1009 if anyone knows a way to get it in nz...


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    That part number appears to be common across the range of kawasakis, both two and four wheels You should be able to find a side cover at a wreckers that can provide the window
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    Is it glued in or held in place with an oring? If glued cleanliness will be important before bonding. I've used epoxy in cases but needs something to key into and ideally mushroom in place so cant fall out.
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