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Thread: Suzuki GN250 Dies when Stopping

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    6th June 2022 - 07:56
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    Suzuki GN250 Dies when Stopping

    Bike starts find using the switch before going out riding, no choke needed, but bike starts sputtering a coupld of times when accelerating on first use but comes right down the road.
    I have noticed and it has been getting requent now is when I come to a stop the engine dies, starting the bike doesn't work and need to pull off to the side of the road, usually starting it with some extra throttle seems to work.
    It doesn't happen everytime but enough to annoy me.
    I think for memory running in 3rd or 4th gears then stopping with the clutch in, fuel tank is full!!
    Something is not right?

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    In cold weather its a bit suspicious that it starts without choke. May be time to get into the carb and find out what not right - float level too high, float needle valve not shutting off, perhaps.
    it's not a bad thing till you throw a KLR into the mix.
    those cheap ass bitches can do anything with ductape.
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    I had an old inline 4 that would only start without the choke. Did the same thing. How I got around it was when it started, I would hold the revs at 2000rpm The bike would splutter for a short time, then would zing away when ( I think) the air vacuum in the carby came right ?.

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