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Thread: A_tention KB Memburs who race

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    21st October 2002 - 11:00
    xs400 -
    WAitakere City , NZ

    A_tention KB Memburs who race

    OK this heer sticky thread is ONLY fur KB Memburs who race to intro-duce yurr-selfs in .. so we can i-dentify and support ya ..

    DRibble , driv-ill and irell-event posts will be dealt with harshley har har .. wari ==> :eyepoke: <== dribble , driv-ill and drib-ling driv-illers

    OK .. for-mali-titties o-ver .. :spudbn:

    RIders .. post yur pro-files , pics (race-bike/s) , hopes and ass-per-rations .. . or what-ever ..

    I Carnt wait ..


    RE-membur .. corney is the new cool ..

    YA herdit heer ferst ..


    THe COMpre-hensive LIst ...


    RAcer LEo from PApakura AUckland.

    FRosty from AUckland

    CLeve BRown from AUckland

    KWaka-Kid from AUckland

    TWo SMoker from Auckland(ish)

    CUrious GEorge from AUckland

    MOtoracer from AUckland

    DUke from AUckland

    Keystone from AUckland(WEst)

    FAthersampson from CHCH

    KIckaha from CHCH - RAngi-ora

    FLuffy CAt from AUckland

    Tim 39 from DUnedin

    RUstys from GIsborne

    Rossi Gal from HAmilton

    KIckingzebra from HAmilton

    KYle from HAmilton

    SVs from KApiti

    RG100 from KApiti

    SParky BIlls from KApiti

    FLyno from PAekakariki

    Nordie BOy from NElson

    ZOrst from NElson

    MotoGB From NElson

    RAceyRIder from NEw PLymouth

    K14 from NEw PLymouth

    BAbyB from TAuranga

    BRian DE-marge from TOk-yo

    ALarumba from UPper HUtt

    IVan from WAirarapa

    JNr from WEllington

    FRyin FInn from WEllington

    F5DAve from WEllington

    BErt from PAlmerston NOrth

    TOrque from RAglan

    THat GUy from TAKapuna
    THe hand's farster than the eye ... keepan eye onda feet .. .

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    26th June 2005 - 21:11
    Honda NSR300 track hack
    Pukerua Bay

    ill kick it off

    well my name is Glenn and i have been racing in buckets for a year and a half.
    when i started racing buckets i was coming last everyrace and now i am consistently in the top five (ish) so i thought that i would try something new so i brought a MC-19 CBR250RK off of Ivan and am doing it up for the nationals at taupo soon

    im not no biggie and dont expect very high results but am out there puerly for the fun adn the awesome socializing

    it really quite paethitic compared to others on here but i feel proud accomlishing all my bikes and results as it i saved and payed for it all by myself (im only 15) \

    anyways here some pics of the beast
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    30th May 2003 - 21:22
    KR150 Racer & a '23v'
    New Plymouth
    Ok, So, I'm Racey.
    Have ridden different types of motorbikes for 25 years.
    It must be the 'Mid Life Crises' that made me decide it was time to give competitive riding a go.
    But after 7 years of self-employment that struggled to pay the family bills, opportunities to race were limited, so thought I'ld try the 'StreetStock' 150's thing.
    In 2003 I had two race days on a RG150. Story here. Bike went real well, even got myself on the cover of 'Bike Mart' in my first race! But sold that bike to buy something cheaper.

    Brought a Cheap KR150. Story here. And have been struggling to get that motor sorted ever since.

    Tried to do the full winter series this year at Manfield, with poor results due to breakdowns. Story here. But the positives from this year were:
    Meet more KB'ers.
    Learnt more about my bike. Made mistakes that I won't make again next year!
    Got a small amount of Sponsorship which may be extended to next season. Thankyou Webfarm/Freeparking.

    My goals from here are:
    To get this motor running reliably before next winter series.
    To get a Sponsorship reference to help me secure extra sponsors. (despite my lack of race time, my sponsor has been understanding and happy with all the Extra's I did for them)
    Compete in next years Vic club Winter series and fight for a top three placing in the championship.

    When I get into a better financial position. (read: get a job!), I would love to give GP125's a go, or F3. Have enjoyed posting race reports for you when there was something to write , and when I get this bike running better, you can look forward to more to come.
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Name:	SS 41 nh wh.jpg 
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    17th January 2005 - 12:14
    2011 yz450f
    Hi I'm Ivan #59 I have been racing for 3 years now and riding all up for 5 im 15 race Jay Lawrence's ex RS125 Honda own a few bikes like the RG50 bucket GT125 Bucket DR200 dirt bike etc I got 3rd in 125's this year and am going to race the Manfield round of the Nationals, also I look like im going to get a fourth in the 50's class at buckets
    my first season in buckets I got a 7th and had a few nasty spills
    My first season of streetstock I got 7th and crashed out final round battling for 4th
    my second season of buckets I got 8th
    My first season of 125GP I got 3rd so yeah

    I belong to Team JDR as well and RG100!! is my team mate

    I am looking at getting a bike Mechanic Job and will be going to a GSXR600 at the end of next season after the 125 Nationals
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Name:	125.jpg 
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    13th August 2004 - 20:45
    Im Sparky/Martin #55
    Im 21 years old, from Kapiti down near Wellington.
    Ive been racing for 2years now.
    Started off on a GSXR400, in clubmans
    Am now racing for Motomart (i work in parts there), so im lucky enough to use their race bikes
    Last year I raced a Ducati 900SS, but now moving to a 748r for Wanga-vegas, then later next year will hopefully move to a nice new CBR600RR.

    The Winter Series just gone I came 5th overall in Clubmans class, Id hoped for better but had a couple of rounds where either i got DNF, or just failed to bring the result id wanted. But thats racing i guess.

    The higlights so far is being able to race a Ducati at both Wanganui and Paeroa street races.
    I didnt win but i also didnt come last, Which was my main objective. The feeling of going flat out on the main streets of a town was just amazing!!

    My main goal is to become competitive in F2, but for now its to stay on 2wheels (maybe 1 everynow and then), and get a good name for myself on the race scene.
    Im wanting to get over to Oz at some stage to give their club scene a go, but thats in the future.
    Another goal is to pick up a couple sponsors, and represent them the best i can, either on or off the track.
    So next time your at the race track..
    Look for me and come have a chin wag! I dont bite, and am always keen to chat.
    Look forward to seeing you all.

    Martin Billing #55
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Name:	Manfeild 045 small.JPG 
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    Motorcycing is not a hobby, It is a way of life!

    Missed forever! NEVER FORGOTTEN!!

    Friends dont let friends ride Hyosungs

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    2nd March 2004 - 13:00
    FransAlp 700
    My first race was last October on my little 1979 XR 250Z.
    Anyone got a Powroll 305 kit for one lying around?

    Cheap fun

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    29th September 2003 - 20:48
    2008 DRZ400E & 1983 CB152T
    I'm Kirk, 21 #14 (although that might change from time to time)
    Been racing only this year really, had a few track experiences towards the end of last year but only started since buying my 91 RS125 in february this year. Had some good experiences in King of Levels and Ruapuna this year steadily improving each meeting. Not sure what I finished up but nothing too spectacular.

    In the immediate future I will be racing at the Puke, Manfeild and Ruapuna rounds of the nationals this year. Hoping for a top 6 finish at atleast one of the rounds, probably look to ruapuna for my strongest performance hopefully being able to use my local experience to big advantage. Next year I will look at buying a 2001 or newer 125 and put on a full assualt on the nationals next season.

    Oh yeah, I've got a bucket too, good for some offseason training. Its an early 80's CB125 with a few minor mods. Good for thrashing and hasn't broken down on me yet.
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Name:	05LevelsRd3066a.jpg 
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Name:	bearsAug05no055 small.jpg 
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    22nd February 2005 - 17:08
    FZR400RR SP
    Upper Hutt
    Im Jeremy, this year its #19, 26 years old, from Upper Hutt, Wellington. I’m a self-employed flooring contractor, JN Flooring, and currently Treasurer of the Vic Club and also do the Oily Rag newsletter.

    Tootled around in Clubmans for ‘03 with help from Derek Hill on one of his old bikes. Actually that’s still the case now J. In ‘04 sold the bike to finance by business start up.

    This year I rode Dereks spare bike in F3 and promptly ran around the last few positions so headed back to Clubmans and learnt to have a bit of fun first. Came to the last round and found some settings were VERY wrong and left thinking what if…..! But that’s racing I guess. Next year should better.

    Highlights so far were the last round when the bike was completely different ;-) and just recently adding another track to the CV, woohoo now I have 2! Just being able to finance the racing myself feels good but always looking out for more help.

    Goals for next year are to drop my lap times down to catch the next group ahead of me and get some bigger balls when tipping it in!! Would like to do the Nationals but lap times will help determine that. To meet more people at the meetings!

    Look forward to seeing you all.

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    13th January 2004 - 11:00
    Honda PC800
    Henderson -auckland
    I started out racing in the mid eighties on bucket racers.
    My first races were at a long gone track created on the Wiri container terminal on a honda MB50
    I moved up to a cb125 then found a bucket that actually handled -a suzuki rg50.
    My first big bike racing was on a RD250LC Back in 1980 summat in a long gone class called 250 production.(250 two stroke ) I moved up to a later model 250 then raced a 600 and a couple of other bikes Including an old xj750 police special. I was always mid field with the occasional bit of brilliance (OR LUCK) that shot me to the front.
    I did a street race at manukau city and a few national rounds. I think I even threw a whole national series together one year.
    I had a couple of decent crashes close together -one road then one on"the hill' at puke that smashed my left shoulder to the point my left arm diddnt work propperly and damaged my neck.
    After a 10-12 year layoff Im back racing again -
    I did one full season on a 1989 zxr400. I learned a heck of a lot and managed to finish third overall in formula 3 and pre89 in the amcc club series.
    This season I swapped over to my carbied SV650
    I did the full AMCC club series and the full PMcc club series
    My Amcc series went well with a 5 first place finishes in Formula 3 and an overall series win in Formula 3 in the AMCC series.
    Next step is to do the full national race series. I'm planning on do so this season (06/07)
    Ultimately my aim is to race in the Isle Of Mann --Its a lifetime long dream that I hope to realise within the next two years.
    This all takes money,organisation and the talent to get there -well Im working on the talent bit.
    I WILL GET THERE --YOU JUST WATCH ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If anybody on KB is looking for a racer to support either personally or through their company I'm definitely keen.
    What I can offer is
    Naming rights to my team gear -bike/leathers/race van
    Bike,race van and leathers only at the moment have metzler stickers on them.I'm happy to promote a sponsors product or company with stickers and by nameing them as my major sponsor at any event I attend.
    At this point my bike is going to be repainted and could be painted in a sponsors colors.
    There are also other ways I would apreciate assistance. Footpeg/gear shifter/footpeg bracket/crash bung manufacture. The actual painting of the bike.Maitainence of my race transport van.Tyres -I need 10 sets this season at about $500 a set.
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    14th January 2004 - 13:00
    Upper Hutt
    SVS/Phil here

    Race SV650 #33 in F3.

    Raced for one season on 98/99 on an RGV250 in scotland before coming over here. Last year bought blunija's SV and did clubmans with the VicClub. Finished 3rd overall in VicClub Winter Series. Moved up to F3 for this season, and finished 5th overall.

    Looking forward to doing the Nationals this year. Thanks to Actrix Internet!

    Oh. And i'm also the secretary for the VicClub.

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    12th February 2004 - 12:00
    08 ZX-6R Race Bike, FXR150
    Chris Sucich here. #194 (formally number 38).

    Ive been riding for a total of 23 months and racing for a total of 13 months

    Racing started of when i did a couple of track days on my RG150. Decided to give racing a go, entred clubmans and had a ball (even when getting my arse kicked by the 600's and 1000's) Managed to get my times down to 1:20 around Pukekohe.

    Was fortunate enough to buy a ZXR400 off John Fallwell (with the help of Frosty) My first race on that was at Taupo for the PMCC series, learnt alot and came in the top 15. Next race was at the Pukekohe nationals where I got between 7th and 9th (burnt out clutch dropped times). Then went onto race at the Vic Clib Winter series, only managed to do three rounds out of the six due to the lack of funds. Was consistently in the top 6 racers, and came 6th overall (due to missing the final three rounds).

    Recent races have been at Taupo where i got 3 first place finishes in F3, Pukekohe AMCC Round 1 first place, and AMCC Round 2; first and second place. My best times on my stock ZXR400 are: Pukekohe - 1:07.92, Taupo - 43.8, Manfield - 1:18.772.

    Current Ambitions: Win F3 at AMCC club level and PMCC club level, as well as start racing my K5GSX-R600

    Future Ambitons:
    -To be the best and fastest possible racer that I can be.
    -Race in Australia
    -Race in IOMTT
    -See how far I can get
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    See Robert Taylor for any Ohlins requirements
    Thanks Colemans Suzuki
    Thanks AMCC
    I use DID Chains and Akrapovic Exhausts

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    16th February 2003 - 20:53
    '96 suzuki GSF600s,'86 CBR400R Aero
    Hi im babyB 36yr with 2 did i get racing - deturmination to acheive a goal.
    to make a longe story short...Then illness struck me big time..through deturmination i learnt to walk & to ride 2001.
    i had the oppertunity to purchase '87 CBR400areo january 2003 (knowen then as barbed wire on track)called BabyB #55
    feb '03 was my first track day,lol where i sat at the sideline too scared to ride the bike out there. but i did & loved every minite of it & became hooked.
    june 03 taupo my first real race. entered clubmans. it rained the whole day & i had a ball. also learnt what the tearm 'blue tyers' ment & y ya shouldnt race on them
    Ive only done 11 race meets all up. i havent raced since nov 2004. after i lowsided at puke oct 04, my bike didnt run right for taupo (mind u nore was i).
    I have every intention of getting back out there & hopin to hav enough funds to fix bike b4feb 06

    i won 2003-04 Protecta Insurance Club championship in Clubmans
    My bigest high point = to sit here & say i proved the Doc's wrong....for me to get this far, to say i have raced & loved every miniute was so worth the struggle.
    id love to b world champ but hay to my kids who say im their champion!
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Name:	My CBR400r 000.jpg 
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Name:	work progress.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_0426a.jpg 
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    asked Mom if I was a gifted child ... she said they certainly wouldn't have paid for me.

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    6th April 2004 - 09:51
    empty garage )-:
    Hey. I raced a few (12-15?) years ago (prior to marriage and kids) but after hitting 40 this year realised that the itch wasn't yet scratched and after a few track days recently knew that I had to do more. So am now in the process of F III ing my SV 650 and doing some rounds when that is finished.

    UPDATE - 12 March 2006

    I changed my mind and bought a new 05 R6 and have converted that.
    Did first track day at Puke in Feb06 and first race March06.
    Good to be back on track!
    "...New Zealanders, for all their faults, have virtues that are precious: an unwillingness to be intimidated by the new, the formidable, or class systems; trust in situations where there would otherwise be none; compassion for the underdog; a sense of responsibility for people in difficulty; not undertaking to do something without seeing it through - "
    Michael King

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    10th November 2005 - 20:06
    ZXR400, KTM200 exc
    Names Ian,

    Just started racing F3 on a CHEAP ZXR400 (Orange and silver, can't miss me). Only done two rounds of Ruapuna so far but had some interesting experiences!!!! Hoping to get a motard soon and really start bringing my times down. I can't get past the mental block of 'If I fall off how am I gonna afford to repair it'. Hopefully with the motard I know they bounce pretty well so I will be able to push till I fall off!!

    Main claim to fame is that I haven't finished last.............YET!

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    31st May 2003 - 12:00
    KTM Duke. Last ridden.....?
    George Fuge or #112 as I was...
    I had my first season last year, where I completed the Pacific Club series at Taupo.
    I was backmarker for the whole thing, except for a couple of good races, when I decided it was all to much in the top 10, so I crashed instead to keep the stats even. A few broken ribs and a fuzzy head later
    I had a blast and learnt an incredible ammount in a very short space of time.
    I've had a bit of a setback this season, but I intend to get going for a few races in the new year.
    My plans are to get the RGV working again and attack the F3 group at Taupo with gusto!
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Name:	Georgefrosty taupo.jpeg 
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Name:	GeorgePukekohe.jpg 
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