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Thread: A_tention KB Memburs who race

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    4th April 2007 - 15:04
    Kawasaki ZX6R
    Massey, Auckland

    Biggles08 in the house :-)

    Hey, Marcus is my name and I've been riding on the road for about 2 1/2 - 3 years. I've just decided to go racing only now due mainly to car drivers and car drivers with blue and red lights.

    I have a 07/08 ZX6R and have recently pimped it with a lot of bling I bought from Jamie R in Taupo to compete firstly in clubmans and then moving into F2.

    I competed for my first race at taupo in round 1 of the PMCC summer series and got pole position and won all three races. I have just completed in AMCC Round 2 at Pukekohe and came away with a second and first placing...

    I will be competing at Taupo for the 3 hour endurance meeting on the 29th Dec so come along and have a look will be fun racing up alongside the great Fred Merkel at this event!

    Race number 808...if you see me at the track come say hi!

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    15th October 2005 - 15:54


    Hey ya...Chris here.
    I've attended a number of MotoTT trackdays but the Taupo Road Race Spectacular (27th-28th Dec) will be my first ever race (have only ridden a 600cc twice) plus I'll also be entering the B.A.D.D 3 hour endurance race on the Monday (29th Dec) too.
    I'll be racing a 2007 ZX6R and my race number is '123'.
    Any advice gratefully received!

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    26th September 2005 - 14:25
    00 Gixxer 750 and ZX10 tricycle
    Teh Love
    Howdy, Rick here... Have done a whole heap of off-road and on-road riding, throw in a heap of track days... My first race will be on Monday in the 3hr Endurance race in Taupo. Giddy up
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    26th May 2005 - 20:09
    Prolight 250,XR4hundy


    Hi, My names Clynt & Im from the little hick town of Murchison in the Sth Island...
    Been riding on & off ever since I got an SL 70 as a kid,but Ive only got into roadbikes over the last 5 years......& man I love the suckers!!!
    Decided to start racing this year in Clubmans for the same reasons as many, the & the that frequent our roads in cages....the several track days at Ruapuna & Levels then cemented the idea that the tracks "where its at".
    So Im pretty much racin' my bog standard 04 R6 at the mo., to see howd Id do at this racing game before I go spending money...its kinda hard to get sponsorship in the middle of nowhere.Plus I gotta cut the custard too eh!

    So I started off with the last round of the Sth Isl cup & then went on to do the King of Ruapuna rounds which also included the King of Canturbury series.
    Ive been pleasantly surprised by my race pace & also the consistant drop in my times....down 8 secs on my first race to a 1:46 now...slicks & warmers next year'll help I reckon.
    So all in all its been an awesome season as a newbie...& I learnt that there is something to be said for consistancy as my placings all added up to winning the King of Canturbury series & getting 2nd overall in King of Ruapuna.....
    Major goals are to actually win a race instead of being bridesmaid all the time!
    To get quick enuff to step up into Formula 2 next year'd be nice as well..

    And to grow a large set of nads & have a crack at the Greymouth & Nelson street races in 09
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    HI I'm Charlie Bilby. I Passenger on a Street circut Sidecar and have done since 99. before that I've raced Buckets and motorcross with not much sucess. I race the Street series and the National rounds. Sidecar racing has taken me overseas.
    Currently I passenger for Burt Wooland on the #16 SIDECAR, it's painted up like a Curtis P40 Kittyhawk WW2 fighter plane, It has the sharks teeth on it.
    Stop in the pits and say hi.


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    27th August 2007 - 10:38
    GSXR1000K2, 89 GSXR1100K
    Peter Smith from Rotorua, letting ya know I race an '89 GSXR1100 in post classics. Pre '89 racing is cheap and great fun. I also have mt '81 Katana 100, but as I have fitted a GSXR frontend I can't race in pre'82.

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    13th January 2009 - 21:51
    Hi, my names Marcus Fellerhoff and I work for City Honda here in Palmerston North.
    I bought mysef a Streetstock 150 a month or so back and hope to see a few others at the Vic club winter series this year. For now I'm just gonna get a few track days under my belt and try and find some speed first.
    Hope to see a few members at the HRC track day in Taupo on 22nd March and hopefully learn some lines off Slighty!
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    3rd May 2005 - 19:27
    2007 Tuono R, RVF400, 08 YZF450
    Hey everybody,

    Im Jesse, 20yrs old, no. 44, Apprentice Fabrication Engineer

    I race a 95 Honda RVF400, Done only 2 races, Ruapuna Nat meet 2009 (Clubmans) and the meeting before it, have also done 2 track days - so just getting the hang of it. Have my next meet in 2 weekends 29th March Ruapuna Endurance race, looking forward to it, lots of track time.

    Have ridden bikes since I was 12, starting with a couple of dirt bikes, then road bikes once I was 15, now onto race bikes - Dont like tourists on wrong side of road, speed limits, bad drivers or cops, so racing is great!!

    Feel free to come say hello, I'm a friendly enough guy

    I have attached a couple of pic's of me at Nat meet.
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    11th July 2008 - 21:37
    Hi im max, been racing since i was 12 started off with pocket bikes i kicked off as a complete learner with no biking background and i rose up the ranks to 1st in N.Z, and while i was doing this i did abit of motorcross on a the side and i was starting to get good, but i had no money for both so i quite mx.March this year i started buckets since then ive got 5 race meetings and a track day under my name.My best placing is 4TH and ive just finished my fxr150 bucket so hopefully ill start winning.

    heres some picts of my racing career {im the one with the blue and white leathers}
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    3rd November 2006 - 20:28
    Hi, Patrick from Auckland here. I have just started off with an '89 GSXR1100 in Post Classics. My first meeting was VMCC Rd 5. Also tried AMCC Rd 1 (but rained off!).
    Thanks to Peter Smith, Phil Duxbury and to those who have read and answered my annoying questions on pretty much everything...........
    Next meeting is at the end of the month at Taupo.
    Hopefully that's the only time it ends up on it's side!
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    30th June 2005 - 21:33
    Yamaha 1989 TDR250, KTM 950
    Lower Hutt


    Hi My name is Mike. 28 years old Been riding bikes now for about 20 years. 11 on the road. riding mx before that. Did the Taupo 3 hour at christmas on a YZF750SP that my father and I had rebuilt. Will be entering as many of the winter series Vic events as I can (as long as tyres last!) on a GSXR1000. Number 112. The pictures below are prior to adding numbers. The YZF750SP is in some too. NUmebr 80

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    8th March 2005 - 08:48
    Honda Bros 650 (Pre 89)
    hey guys im Sam #28
    I used to race my 650 in post classic, but now since it's my only vehicle that's on hold for the mo.
    For the meantime I pretty much only race other people's f4 (bucket) bikes.

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    5th December 2012 - 10:17
    Kawasaki KLX450R
    Whenuapai, Auckland
    Hi, name is Marcus, I'm from Grey Lynn, Auckland.

    Got the bug in June 2012 after I bought a SV1000S and wrote that around the twisties in the Waitakeres for a couple of months. Some cars scared me, and I scared myself some times. So I figured, lets just rather get a track/race bike. At least there is runoff and an ambulance close by...

    So far I've raced the AMCC Rnd 1 & 2 (Hampton Downs), and the Vic Winter Series Rnd 6 (Taupo). I'm loving every second of it. Can wait for the next race as soon as the last one finished!

    At the moment I'm racing Formula 3 (Superlight) with an Suzuki SV650 #87 I bought from Trevor Delany in Wellington. Thanks Trevor, the bike is very competitive!

    Race number 87...if you see me at the track come say hi!


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    6th December 2019 - 02:23
    These days I mostly ride a Ninja 400
    Hey guys! I race a ninja 400 in MotoAmerica and Im keen on coming over to race in NZsbk this season. I need a bike though so tell me what the best way to get racing in one of the lightweight classes would be!

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