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Thread: What's your sickest joke?

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    21st June 2016 - 08:52
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    Smile Sick Text Jokes

    The new Bond
    movie is to be
    called: No Time To
    Die.The orginal
    title,Black Lives
    have given away
    the plot twist.

    James Bond hits
    upon hard times
    and finds himself
    facing a job
    seeker interview.
    "Well Mr Bond
    we have two
    positions we can
    offer you.One is
    giving lectures to
    children on the
    benefits of a
    career in military
    the other is in
    the fabric staining
    department of a
    Yarm mill." "Do
    you expect me to
    talk?" "No Mr
    Bond,I expect
    you to dye."

    There was a
    rumour the next
    007 would be
    Idris Elba,now
    it's that could be
    a black woman.
    What a drag

    My son is a man
    trapped in a
    woman's body...
    He will be born in

    "Dad other kids
    at school keep
    saying I'm
    racist." "Which
    kids son?" "The

    I regret rubbing
    ketchup in my
    eyes.But that's
    Heinz sight for

    In the news:
    Sharp rise in
    women caught
    carrying knives.
    Before you start
    to panic I want to
    ask one
    question? Were
    they all in the

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    21st June 2016 - 08:52
    1976 Honda 125

    Smile Sick Text Jokes

    I hate twats that
    say,"Oh my god
    it's to die for."
    I bet it's not.....
    And if it was
    why are they still
    fucking here?

    I went up to a
    girl at the bar
    and said,"I'd love
    to find out if
    you're as
    gorgeous on the
    inside as you are
    on the outside."
    she said,"Oh,
    that's so sweet!"
    I replied,"So is
    your minge in
    good shape

    How does Bono
    make a bow and
    arrow? With or
    without yew.

    Prince Harry's
    Invictus Games
    is being sponsored
    by Britain's
    biggest arms
    dealer.That's like
    the wife's sex
    drive being
    sponsored by

    The lastest R.A.F
    campaign depicts
    a black woman
    with aspirations
    to fly fighter jets.
    Chocs away!

    There are three
    words in life that
    will open a lot of
    doors for people.
    Please,push and

    Don't see many
    homeless women
    do ya?

    A lot of men who
    are against
    marriage say
    "Why buy a cow
    when you can get
    the milk
    elsewhere for free?"
    A lot of women
    who are against
    marriage say
    "Why but a pig
    when all you get
    is a little sauage?"

    As a BMW driver
    I can confirm that
    we do use our
    indicators.In fact
    we use all 4 of
    them at the same
    time whenever
    we are parked at
    a bus stop,
    disabled bay or
    double yellow
    lines.BMWs even
    have a special red
    triangle on the
    is called a "park
    button.It does
    what it says on
    the tin.Park
    anywhere press
    the red triangle
    and all 4
    indicators come
    on at once.
    Guaranteed traffic
    warden proof.

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